Zobec provides expertise in the areas of trustee, corporate and accounting services. Our team works closely with clients and a network of global professionals to ensure family and tax planning needs are handled knowledgeably and efficiently.

The Zobec Group consists of Zobec Trust Company Limited and Zobec Services Limited. The founder, Barry Hanson, established the business in 1969 and Zobec Management Limited, now known as Zobec Services Limited, was officially incorporated as a Bermuda limited liability company in January 1979. Zobec is also affiliated with CAMMCO Limited, a local accounting company. In 2003 Zobec Trust Company Limited opened its doors having obtained its trust license from the Bermuda Monetary Authority.

Over the years, Zobec has grown from a two-person operation to a thriving group of companies with a large number of local and international clients. The Zobec team of employees includes lawyers, qualified accountants, and experienced trust and corporate professionals. This multi-functional group brings a wealth of practical and technical expertise to our clients.

Welcome to Zobec

Our Philosophy

Zobec is first and foremost a family-owned group of companies. We endeavour to treat our clients as we would family, striving to develop strong, long-term relationships through responsive, dependable and professional trust and corporate management services.

Why Choose ZOBEC

4 Reasons to Hire Us


Many of our clients have been with us since we started. This loyalty is the core of our business and reflects Zobec’s dedication to genuinely know our clients and exceed their expectations.


Zobec is committed to the organic growth of our business. Unlike many of our competitors, who struggle with high turnover of staff and inefficient procedures, our team of committed staff are able to provide continuity while adapting quickly to meet the changing needs and circumstances of each client.


Zobec is not affiliated with any particular bank, investment manager or law form nor do we retain any remuneration or other incentive fees from third party service providers. Zobec is able to choose the product or counsel best suited to the needs of the client and avoid conflicts of interest.


Zobec is dedicated to providing personal tailor made solutions for all our clients. Over the past thirty years, Zobec has acquired a range of skilled and knowledgeable staff and developed a network of global professionals. From investment management services to tax advice to general legal counsel, Zobec has the resources and the expertise to best assist our clients.


What Our Clients Say

A BIG THANK YOU to the Zobec team for being such consistent, professional, useful partners.

Corporate Accounting

We can honestly say that their team is simply the best in the business. Very responsive, well-informed, detail- orientated, and helpful in every way possible. We highly recommend their services and rate them 10 out of 10.


Having worked with this group for over 10 years, I remain extremely impressed with the breadth of their expertise, and the fact that they are a truly independent business able to competently provide many different levels of service to a large, complex investment business.

Corporate Accounting

I would recommend Zobec to anyone looking for high quality trust, corporate and accounting services and a team dedicated to the growth and success of families and their businesses

Trust Corporate Accounting

I have worked with Zobec Services Limited for over twenty years, while working for various companies in the healthcare sector. They combine a knowledge of complex legal structures with a responsive and diligent work ethic. An appreciation for how our industry works, and a real interest in the business, makes them stand out over other service providers. They are also constantly vigilant, ensuring adherence with proper compliance and good corporate governance.


We have found them to be knowledgeable, efficient and responsive to our needs. In addition to providing support and services, they have provided us good counsel and strategic advice. Their demeanor, personal accountability and willingness to go the “extra mile” makes them truly members of our team and not just service providers.


They are responsive, responsible, efficient and knowledgeable. One of their many great characteristics as a company is the fact that they will take the time to understand your business and will adapt and advise accordingly. They also have a great support team that have helped us every step of the way.


I have always found Zobec to be very efficient and professional in the delivery of their services.
While maintaining the highest standards they are also cordial, friendly and responsive in the execution of their duties.

Corporate Accounting

We have worked with Zobec on a number of issues ranging from replacing difficult trustees, US tax issues, negotiating new financing, corporate governance to collections. In all cases we have found their style, accessibility, experience and network to be invaluable.

Their team’s collaborative approach has become a valued extension of our team.

Trust Corporate Accounting

At all times have found the services provided to be professional and organized especially since we are often against very tight timelines.


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